MARKED as 1943 Plus many other Antiques from Bulgaria

WWII 1943 ORIGINAL GERMAN FIELD TELEPHONE marked and dated with serial no. Cheaper than others of the same make.



DESCRIPTION: This original German WW2 field telephone in bakelite box. Manufacturer marked with MIX & GENEST logo and dated 1943. Very well preserved, all original parts. Dimensions: 10 x 8 x 4. Scarce and highly collectable item.



Most of the German military and items that we own and currently sell are among the only ones left

of their kind in the world. Our items are limited and like every good thing will soon come to an

end, so take advantage of this opportunity to own authentic German WWII items, from the

German Army in Bulgaria.


Being one of the very few countries where you can find excellent relics of the German Third Rich in

Existence still. Here in Bulgaria, there are a few ex-soldiers of the Wermacht still alive. They keep

their souvenirs of this part of their lives till the end, or if they need some cash. Few families keep

these items when the old soldiers die, so then we get to buy them and put them on the market.

We live in Bulgaria and have access to these people, we are Bulgarian and English people. We also

live where many families still have these relics of the past.




All items are shipped within 24 hours of payment from Bulgaria in the EU. Delivery time

to Europe is about 7 working days, to the United States and the rest of the world is

about 14-20 working days. Please, remember that International mail goes through many

security checks in transport and airports, so delivery times may vary. We always ship

packages the day after receipt of payment to our bank account. Delivery is down to the

postal services.


You choose the method for us to send to you, If you want insurance, you have to pay

the costs as well as shipping fees up front. We make sure the item is packed as safely

as it can be and protected as much as we can make it. Once you win and your bid is

confirmed, please inform us of your address and location for shipping cost. We will

send you by email total cost for you to send to us. If you pay directly into our bank

account, we will send your item to you much earlier than if you pay us by Papal, but it

is your choice. If you choose to pay by Paypal, please make your payment is an

instant transaction, otherwise there could be delays of up to 2 weeks in us sending the

item to you.


Give us a call or email, we might just have or know where that Item your looking for

is. We have many contacts in Bulgaria for Ex WWII German equipement and many

very old unusual items from Eastern Europe




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