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“Kesarevo” Properties

On this page, you will find properties in Kesarevo and the surrounding area and some in other parts of Bulgaria too!!


Click on the photos to go the that property or email us for details, if we have not put full details up here.

Kesarevo center; a wonderful apartment, ready to live in, opportunity to make it bigger



Kesarevo Village; New house, not finished, but ready to make into 1 house or 2 apartments,

near to center of village.









Korsarka a quiet village and great

houses for sale with 1000 sq mtrs of land











 Kesarevo Village, house for sale


We have a total of over 70 homes to try and sell in Kesarevo and in many other villages near here.

It is a wonderful and very beautiful part of Bulgaria. In this area there is much history and

general interest.

After living here for some years, we have found our part of heaven.

Close to Kesarevo is the municipalty town of Strazhitsa, with many shops, a CBA shop, a New Hotel,

which should be open in early May. Where you can stay while spending time viewing any properties you

my be interested in.

Strazhitsa is a beautiful town and is developing into a great little center for visitors, with many street

cafe's and bars.

Is quiet, but enjoyable to be in, as well as very relaxing From here you can have short drives by car to

many interesting places, so can have a short holiday while looking for that dream home you are after.

It would be a great place to come to to get an idea of what the real Bulgaria is like. It is not spoilt, like

 Veliko Tarnovo and you get real Bulgarin prices, not inflated because we are brits with more money


A short drive away is Gorna Orhiyavitsa, to us it is a small city, with all you ask for and is a great place

 to go shopping with everything there you would want to buy.

So come and see for your self, talk to us and we'll show you how great it is. Antea and I will be more

than happy to help you. Aneta will translate for you if you need this.


This area of Bulgaria is a beautiful place, as it is on the edge of the Stara Planina mountain range. It benefits from fresh

mountain air, within 30 minutes driving from here, you can be deep into the forrest areas of the mountains and feel like you are

hundreds of miles from civilization. With only the sounds of nature to disturb you.