A little info on this route plan,. I have been writing these since 2007 and have done 11 updates over the years. The route plan is now 19 pages long and includes several maps for certain towns where you just might get lost as some have in the past. Every time I discover some thing new to add, I make a new version so everyone will know it is the latest and the date I did the update. I have been told by some it is the best value for what it is and makes the run down much easier. I did the run down blind the first time so now how hard it can be, with no help in the harder parts, like Romaina.


I will have to add an update Regarding staying over night in Romania. I have found a great Hotel and not expensive either. In Dobreta Turnu Severin is “Continental Hotels” they are brilliant and the service is the best I have ever had in my trips down here. The last time we used them, Aneta and I slept in the bridal suite, was fantastic and there where no extra charges for this. The food was great and the breakfasts where unbelievably good. Now they have moved to a different building close to the center. We have used them twice and got very good service from them on both occaisions. They have security in the car park, so your vehicle will be safe. We parked up a “Dennis” dustcart truck and a sprinter van 4 metre. They were more than happy for us to park there.


The hard part for you is; I charge 15.00 GBP paid into my UK bank account. Once I have the payment, I’ll email you a copy, normally about 3 hours after I see your payment in my account. I’m told it is good value for your cash and I have worked hard for many hours to make this a simple trip for you and everyone elses that uses my plan. I have put in way over 20 hours on this plan.  Over 2000 copies have found new owners over the 5 years I have been doing this plan. I have never had 1 complaint from anyone who bought off me.


But had some complaints from people who got non genuine copies from friends, so what do they expect from altered copies that are not the real thing. Just a cheap copy, that the seller thought they could make some cash from, without doing any work for it. Yes, it does happen all the time and I find out who the sellers are, from time to time,, When I get the complaints. I advise you to only buy from me, then you know these are genuine and not a cheaper imitations.


Below are some clips from parts of the plan, so you can get an idea of what the route

plan really is. Also copies of some of the maps which are at the bottom of this page. The

dotted line shows where the clip ends:


Headlamps on dip beam are required by law, to be used in Hungary at any time, day and night all year

around. There is a fine if you do not do this, they WILL fine you as well, for sure. This is now also the

law in Bulgaria. Lights on dip beam 24 hours 7 days a week all year long. There will be fines if you

forget this………………………………………..



It is quite an easy route, but a very long 2 ½ days for me. With 2 nights in hotels, one in Germany and

the other normally in Hungary. I make sure I do not spend a night in Romania, though have done on 2

occasions, and nothing happened, but there were 4 of us those times. But truckers do tell of trucks

being raided in the night if they sleep over in Romania. For me I make sure I get to Szeged and sleep

there for the night or just before there, in one of the motels. So I have a complete day to run down

through Romania…………………………………………………..


Ok, if you get lost on the way down, or have any problems, If you call me by phone, I will guide you

through your problem. I am happy to sit on the phone and in front of my computer, with live Maps and

talk you through your problem area at no extra costs to you. But you have to pay for the calls on the

phone. I cannot call you back as it cost me too much. So make sure you have enough credit on your



I talked a client through from Austria to Bulgaria, over 3 days. It cost me £100.00 in phone call fees. So

the charge I made for the route plan, in the end cost me a lot more in cash paid out. The clients came

down in a convoy of 3 cars, they failed to follow my instructions and it got them into problems. Once

they made it to Bulgaria, they realized they should have listened to me. Once here, I have heard

nothing from them in 2 months. So what am I supposed to do. You must take breaks on the run down,

or you will be so tired, it will be hopeless for you, you will get lost. Which was exactly why they got



Serbia is one of the worst countries to go through if you ask me, as they will

rip you off at every opportunity, the police and customs mainly.


You get a transit visa there and it is exactly that, if you deviate of the route you have told them you will

take, it is a 200 euro fine, no messing and it goes in their pockets too.


The police do check you as you pass on the route, but will not stop you unless you are doing something

you should not be. There are ridiculous tolls there as well, on shite roads. You are not supposed to stop

on the transit route other than getting diesel or petrol. So if you go that way be very careful.


From Ness in Serbia to the Bulgarian border are some of the most picturesque mountain passes and

fantastic scenes as you drive under and through the mountains, the roads are very narrow and driving

is slow, but you do enjoy the view so it is quite good. That is about the only good thing going through


Route to Bulgaria from UK. By Tony Rees updated 24-07-2012 ver 11

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