Daf 45 130 Roadrunner 1988 model, a well loved truck in its time

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This is a 1988 truck, but has had little use. It did the run down to BG towing the 40ft caravn you can see in the picture, with no

problems save a puncture. It has a Cummins 130 hp engine and anyone who knows engines, knows they are the best diesel truck

engines to have. The photo above was in Austria. It does need some renovation and is showing some signs of it’s year. I am happy

to show anyone just how good it is and for 4500 leva, is a very cheap reliable truck. We need some sleeper cabs to do the UK to BG

runs, so time for a change for us. In Bulgaria trucks are taxed as unladen weight and this is less than 3.5 tonnes, so is 67 leva

a year to road tax. Much cheaper than the UK road tax. Can be driven on a C1+E licence or a B+E

242,238 km or 150,519.7 miles, so only just run in. These are good for 1,000,000 miles as long as you serivce the engine properly


A bargain for 3,500 leva, can be insured in Bulgaria by Bulstrad Insurance with no problem of UK

registration. Engine starts and runs well, has air over hydraulic brakes so are very good