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Latest News; News for today; 12th April 2014;



We now arrange your removals from UK to Bulgaria, from Turkey to Bulgaria of from

Bulgaria and Turkey to the UK. We will either use our own vehicles or will contract

out to local transport companies if we have any reason why we can’t do the run our

selves with our own drivers. In doing this it does give employment and work for

local based workers and companies. We do act as agents for importing and

exporting and this is just an extension to what we already do.


We make sure that you as the client come first in the work you give us and will give

you a first class service in everything we do for you. We work when we are needed

not to a time on a clock, if that means we will be working in the evening or at

night, if the need arises, we do not have a problem doing this.


When we use outside contractors, we will only use those who we regard as the

best in the business. We go for service, not cost and cheapness.  We control the

complete job and make sure everything is covered and nothing gets missed. If

we have a complaint, we will sort it as if we were the clients our selves, as we

are in fact. We do not want complaints as this can mean a bad reputation and

we want only the best of reputations.





We are selling Automatic Voltage Stabilizers, for you, if you have problems with

your electricity supply. These can be used anywhere that needs a stable electric

power supply.  They do come in various kilowatt size outputs, but the ones

we will be selling as a standard stock item will be the 15 and 20 Kilowatt models.

All of us in Bulgaria have this as a problem and it does cause us problems with

electrical items burning out. Below is a photo of the

item we will sell.

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The price for the moment is not fixed but will be around 600 leva. for the 10kva

model. These are being sold in the USA for around 400 Dollars. These items

have to be imported to Bulgaria. For the moment we do not have the cost of

shipping and import taxes.





We'll also possibly, be selling "Kipor" Rotovators and yes diesel engine ones

as well, imagine the power of these little babies. You will be able to find these

on the Kipor page along with info on other Kipor products we are hoping to





Property for sale;


We do not want to become real estate agents, But as many of our BG friends know

we have a website many of them are asking us to try and find buyers for their

properties. So we have on the “for sale “page a properties photo,

that will take you to the properties page. Here we list some of them, but we do

know of many more local homes for sale.

Included on this page are 2 of our houses and land for sale


We also offer many other items brought in for you, including Tula Samovars from Russia as

well as Bulgarian made traditional products like vase's

and bowls and Bulgarian Art and carvings. We offer wooden hair combs from

Russia and Bulgaria.








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Second User truck Parts

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Mercedes Sprinter

and Vito spares

Our vehicle’s and two future trucks, with luck

We now have a new hotel just opened in our Town, a great little town with a future. The hotel is called “Hotel Ralitsa” and

 is in Strazhitsa town Center. We have added a page for your convenience about the hotel, on our website here.

If you click the photo below it will take you to the Hotel page and you will find all the info you need and a link to the

hotels own website which is in English and Bulgaria








You can also find us on;

Bulgarian Property Service For purchase

of a Bulgarian House and land.

House removals from

UK to BG to UK

or TR to BG

Kesarevo village Houses for sale

Kosarka Village

Properties for sale