Tony and Aneta along with Deyan our Bulgarian driver offer you;

Samara Russian Imports Ltd for all your transport needs from UK to BG

and back to UK. Transporting you to your future

 Transport to Bulgaria, Car transport, Caravans, mobile homes, Car delivery to Bulgaria.

Transport to the UK from Bulgaria.

We import to Bulgaria any item you need or want. UK electrical products.

Items, we all want and can't get in Bulgaria.

We sell many items of use to Brits in Bulgaria, from Cuprinol Woodworm killer, to

electrical items from the UK.

Many of our items imported from the UK are what us Brits are used too.

We are looking every day to find new useful items we can bring over and sell.


We have dreams and plans to make this company a business to the future


Our aim; to employ Bulgarian drivers as a way to help the BG economy,

we hope to open a warehouse here. As well as one in the UK, in Ramsgate.

We will try and employ as many Bulgarians as we can, our way of making

a useful contribution to help BG become a better country, f

or all of us to live in.

We are a Bulgarian and British partnership


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We will import and sell the complete

range of     Kipor   generators

          See the Kipor page for more details


We have a base in Ramsgate Kent, near to Dover continental ferry port. But please note we will not ship, transport or handle anything illegal. We will check all items to make sure they are the ones on the shipping document.

We offer a wide range of services, From Bulgaria to the United Kingdom and back to Bulgaria as well as the countries on the way. We travel through France to Belguim, Holland, Germany, Austria, Hungary and Romania. We do not travel through Serbia. So it is possible to collect or deliver to these countries on the way.



We import and sell IBC fluid tanks, of food grade.

Suitable to use as water storage tanks.

These have been used once for food products.

                  see more details on the water tank page




We have tried to think of everything

to put on this site, but no doubt we

will have forgotten some things and

will need to update later as we find

them out.

We hope this gives you all the

information you require, but again

feel free to ask us if we have not

 included something you think off.




What We Will Be Doing


We will do everything in transportation and shipping, to and from Bulgaria. 

We will offer a service to anyone moving to Bulgaria from the UK.

A complete service if you want, from buying a house in BG, consultation advice on just about any

problem you might have. We have a BG lawyer who speaks perfect English. She knows all the

current laws on company registrations. I will even supply you with a route plan to drive

From UK to Bulgaria.

For sale at 15.00GBP for a 17 page document with photos


Call Us Today or email us!


We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

 Our telephone number are:

 Mobile: 00359 (0) 889 711 561


 If you speak and read English, my email is: 


If you speak and read Bulgarian Aneta's is:





This is just one of the many we have. This one is ours,

but we have Bulgarian owned houses for sale as well. We

have many in Kesarevo and all with different price tags.





We now sell Houses.

We even have a photo studio

and do “in studio” art work to the photo.


We can repair, renovate and remove any not pleasing parts of your photos. We can turn plain photos into the best art pictures you could want. We will add much of our  work as samples for you to see. I have been working with photos since I was 12 years old.

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