What we do:

We transport anything you might want moved or transported, big or little is no problems for us. We are happy to

move small parcels or boxes, to large ones. Or even cars, vans, trucks, Caravans, items of furniture, machinery. So why not

ask us, if you have something you want shipped. We mainly do BG to UK and back again, but it is not a problem

to deliver to countries on the way through.


We hope in the future to ship to and from Samara in Russia, to the UK, through Bulgaria.

We will act as freight forwarders, shipping agents or transport your goods our selves with our own transport.

So feel comfortable asking us if we can move your item. You would need to complete our shipping document,

†It is important we know the weight and size of your item.


We can collect your item, but at a cost above the delivery to destination from our base, to our other base.

We try to make the cost for you as low as possible to make it easier for you,

so your quote is a basic depot to depot.

Collection, Insurance if you require it and any other request you might have will be extra above our basic quote.

It is not a problem if you wish to deliver to one of our bases and collect from the other.


We can store your goods, if the need arises, in safe storage. But we ask you to pay a small insurance fee

to cover this as well as storage by the week.


We can offer you insurance cover for a small fee if you require it on your goods. We are not a removals

company. We are a freight, goods, transport company, carrying personal, household or business consignments.


In most case we will transport the goods ourselves, but sometimes it will be necessary


to use outside transport companies.



We also do many other things as well, including metal wielding, stainless steel wielding. Fabrication of metal


products. Electrical engineering, and mechanical electrical engineering.


House electrical wiring consultations and advice. Design and construction advice.


Generator supply and installation,


We will use our house as a sample of our work, so people can see the standard we work to. Anything we


have done in our house we will undertake for our clients.


We also build, repair and sort computer problems out.


We are happy to show our work in any field we do and have no problems proving our quality of workmanship.


This website is an example of our work and our design capability


We will sell anything we can find buyers for and are happy to find new things that our clients


want and canít get from other sources.



And  other items we have for sale are a platform beaver tail trailer,

We are looking at bringing over pillows from the UK as BG pillows are not the same as we Brits are

used to, or the same size either. We are looking at Duvets too, 13 tog as it is not possible to get

them here either.



We are constantly looking for items from BG, we can take to the UK to sell,

or to market on the internet, to places like the USA.


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