Text Box: Purpose and Policy;
The company was started in 2004 in the UK, to import to the UK products from Samara in Russia. 
It was then “SRIUK”, “Samara Russian Imports UK”. It is still my dream to do this, once I have 
sorted the problems of importing to the UK, Russian products.

But in coming to Bulgaria in 2006, I, as all other Brits buying homes and land in BG, had to 
register a BG ltd company. To own the land, we as foreigners could not do. So with my dream still 
in my head I thought why not make a Bulgarian arm of the same business and just maybe I can do 
something with it.

I do have a plan, to import to BG from Russia and then ship to the UK from here, Using BG as a 
transit point. So it will still be effective as the company I first dreamt about having. But with it’s 
head office and operating centre in BG. Not in the UK.

Doing this we can incorporate shipping from BG to the UK and then back again. Maybe including 
some of the countries we go through to get to the UK. It will be easier to start doing freight 
movements to the UK from BG and back again. This I hope will finance my plans, get us a 
warehouse here in BG, employ Bulgarians and create a small business in the country I have 
adopted as my home.

I came here with a dream of doing something for the country I made my home in. A small 
business and employing some Bulgarians to give something back. So I will be making a 
contribution to the BG economy.

The company will operate from our home in Kesarevo, I hope it will be a family company in the 
long term. I do have plans for it, for the future, if I can make it all work. Time will tell if it is 
possible and also in this economic situation the world is having at the moment, none of us know 
how things will go over the next year or so.

The purpose is to make Aneta, I and Aneta’s young children a future, with security and finance. It 
is also to provide products and a service to people in BG who need or want things from the UK or 
to move products to the UK from BG.  It will also provide some work, for a few Bulgarians and give 
much needed employment in the future, if it all works out for the good of everyone.

For the moment, it is just a dream. The intention is not to get rich, but have regular income to live 
on. This means forming and building a company that plans to be here for a long time, if it is 
possible.  The purpose is to provide a reliable service that people can trust and feel happy with. 
There is no intention to be here for 5 minutes, get rich and disappear. We need and want a good 
name that means to be reliable and responsive to everything.

Yes there will be problems and we will have some unhappy clients, it is never possible to please 
everyone all the time. But if we do the best we can with what we have, that is all we can do. The 
biggest problem I have found so far, is the fact that some people only want to pay out a small fee, 
ship over big items that are heavy and expect to get a vehicle bring their personal stuff over 

The service we will offer and give will be reflected in the price the client pays us. It will be possible 
to bring over a small van loaded with personal effects for one client, but this will cost much. To 
make things low cost, we have to collect a complete load, and then ship it. In the economic 
situation the world has at the moment, little is coming to BG, as few people have the money to 
send things over. So those that only want to pay a small fee, have to wait till there is a viable load 
coming over, for us to bring their items over.

But the hope is we can do at one shipment a month at the least and hopefully one every week. 
Maybe with luck even more often if the work comes in.
I give a promise that we will do everything we can to satisfy all our clients. Our clients pay for us 
to live, so they come first.

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