The house situated in a beautiful village, with 1000 sq metres of land. It has beautiful mountain scenery.  Is bordered by

dry stone walls. The barn is 15 x 12 metres, in an L shape and has dry stone walls on 3 sides. The village is a quiet village,

with snow capped mountains to view from the balcony. House has 7 rooms, it is also in an L shape. The village is within easy

travelling distance of Veliko Tarnovo. There is a train station in the next village just 2 kilometres from the house. House

is close to the main village road, which is kept clear of snow in the winter. Korsarka village is situated 2 kilometres from

the main Veliko Tarnovo, Gabrovo road.












You’ll find this a good investment or ideal to renovate and live in. The house faces South and gets all day sunshine. It is situated in

an ideal way to modernise, with a garden terrace, stepped up from the lower front garden.

The main garden is to the side and also gets all day sunshine. Making this ideal, if you want to grow vegetables or anything else in

the garden. It has 2 fantastically large fresh water wells. The neighbours are very helpful and friendly.

The garden has many fruit trees and the fruit are very tasty. The house just needs time and money spent on it to make it the

perfect home to live in.

It has great potential as the barn could be converted to another house or apartment. I did plans to make the barn into a 2 bedroom

apartment with a double garage under it. I will give these plans to the new owner along with all my ideas and drawings.

The house has all documents and is ready to sell. So this is really a great bargain and a wonderful retirement project and future

home for it’s new owner. In a very quiet village, with fantastic views, to relax with.


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To buy this wonderful property will cost

you  a mere 48,000  leva-

(18,967.93 GBP ) at exchange rate on 15-01-15

20 minutes from Veliko Tarnovo and 15 minutes from

Dryanovo and 30 minutes from



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Property for sale in

 Kosarka Village;

Here are my plans for converting the barn and the house, these will be included in the sale.

This is my impression of how it would look, once completed.

I originally planed to renovate the house and the dry stone walled barn. The barn, into a 2 bedroomed apartment above a 2 car

garage and workshop, plus storage space. Shown is my plan put on to a computer and generated into a completed house, as

it would look. The house was planned to extend the external wall to give 2 more really big rooms. The house plans have a

complete specification as well. It would give a large lounge and a dining room, by the kitchen.

I’ll give the buyer all  my plans drawings and notes I made to renovate the place. The house has 2 massively wide wells,

about 4 metres wide. 1 is by the house, the other is next to the barn. So this property could be divided up into 2 homes and

the land as well. I’m considering splitting the land into 2 parts, 1 with the house and the other with the barn, to reduce the

price and make an easier sale.