The people, the company:

For the moment there are only the four of us, me, Tony and Aneta my partner in our new life and our Bulgarian driver Deyan and Nadeshda in

Samara, our new agent who we hope will help us to get that part of our hopeful business working as per my dreams and ambitions

I hope you like the photos, just so you can see who we are:











  Tony, Owner and Administrator Aneta, Manager and Security Controller

Deyan our Bulgarian driver Nadeshda, Our Agent in Samara


About me:

I am a qualified Mechanical/ Electrical Engineer, I trained for 8 years for this. During my life I have trained to do

many different things. Including business management, retail sales, marketing and advertising.

I am also a qualified Heavy Goods Truck driver with a C+E licence, which means I can drive any

vehicle on the road, if it has wheels.


I was qualified to x-ray standard for electric arc wielding, but now it has expired. But I still do some arc

wielding, just to keep my hands capable of doing it.

I trained for 3 years to do plumbing, and central heating installations.

I also did 3 years training to do electronic installations and make electronic equipment.


I知 self taught in computers and have spent many years building and repairing them. I also did 2 courses in

computer programming, in Basic, Turbo Pascal, Pascal and C++. I have been working with computers for

22 years, it was a hobby for many years and then became a way to earn a living.


I am also a photographer and an artist, I have done these as a hobby since I was 12 years old and now I am 62.

I have over the years earned my living as a freelance photographer and journalist. I致e done portraits and also

weddings. I now have a Nikon D300 and a Fuji S5000 camera, plus a little baby Fuji S7000.


I知 proud of all I do and put my name to everything with pride. If I can稚 do a first class job, I値l not do anything.

I知 not happy with second class work in anything I do, it has to be the best.

I expect the same from others as well.

I put 100% into everything I do. You only have to see my route plan to Bulgaria from the UK to see this. It is 10

pages long. I also wrote a plan for those wishing to come to BG in a convoy.


I put a sign on the back of my vehicle when driving down to BG, saying destination Bulgaria, just in case anyone

wants to follow me, if they are unsure of how to get to BG. So I do everything I can to help others get to Bulgaria.


About Aneta:

Aneta is a Bulgarian young lady, who is a mother to four girls from 2 to 10 years. She has done the impossible

for most of that time and had a hard if not impossible life, getting nowhere fast.


She has seen life as no person would ever want to. She works very hard in everything she does and does it

like me to the best she possibly can. If it is not right, she値l do it again till it is. She also works with pride in everything she does.


Although there is a big difference in our ages, we are very much alike and do all things almost the same and we

work as a team, even cooking the dinner. The company will be hers and I hope the girls as well, when they grow

up. I知 training her to do all of this and she is learning things she never even dreamed of in her past. She will in

time be able to run the company like I do. I知 trying to build this company for her and the girls future.


Aneta, as any woman will say, being a mother and partner for her man, is an expert manager, organiser and very

capable of doing what the rest of us say is impossible. Being the controller of the house makes her an expert in

almost any field. It gives her all the qualities to run a successful company, as any woman would say. She is one

of the best I have seen at learning everything so fast and being good at it as well. She puts her heart into

anything she does, even growing the tomatoes in the garden. She takes care of me, like you would not believe.


So there you have it, the two people who are trying to get your money from your pocket and into ours. I hope

this makes you smile and see us as people you can trust, but we shall see what happens in the end. I致e tried

to be honest and open, so you can see us as we are. Neither of us plays games,

we take life seriously in all we do.

About Deyan,

Deyan has worked for many years as a C+E driver, he is one of the best from Bulgaria. We have driven with him

from the UK and he is a very safe driver. He is honest and trustworthy, very careful and does not drive like a bat out of hell,

like most BG drivers. He is now our friend and his family and ours are also good friends. We would trust him with any task we gave him.

Our plan is for Deyan and Tony to drive double manned trucks to and from the UK so we can make sure we can do fast deliveries for

or our clients. We drive in 4 hour shifts with one relaxing or sleeping while the other is driving. Making sure our 9 hour break is not

at the same time, so the truck only stops for 4 hours in 24 hours. This makes for safe and efficient driving.

Giving us time to check over the truck at regular times.


About Nadeshda,

Nadeshda, is new to us and we hope will help us to get the Russian side of the business working, she speaks fluent English

and reads and writes English like we do, so we should have no problems there.

For the moment, we have no personal information on her, but soon hope to add to this as and when we get some

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