Services offered:

We will import and sell:

Automatic voltage regulators for stable electric supply and with enough power output

to supply the whole home.

4x4 jeeps, Ford Mavericks, Nissan Terranoís, Mitsubishi Pajeros, Used Mercedes Sprinters, trucks, both big and small,

Truck spares of second user spec and just about any vehicle we can sell in BG.

Kipor Electric generators, for backup supply. These are auto start when electric goes off and stop when it comes

back on again. They connect through a control box, We have one installed and working, if anyone wants to see

it in action. Our generator provides 35 to 39 amps at 220 volts, which sometimes is more than the grid

gives us. We are looking at importing Kipor rotovators as well, with diesel engines for max power.


Fresh water storage tanks IBC (international bulk containers for fluids) 1000 litre capacity. These tanks have

been used to hold food grade fluids. They only need a wash out and can be used. Again we have one in our

house and soon Iíll install it to hold emergency water supply when the water goes of as it

does most of the time in BG


Also water pumps to give pressure water supplies, as the pressures here some times amount to nothing

more than a trickle out of the taps. The pumps will be low voltage.


Black IBC tanks to store water, same size, but these are not food grade and are ideal to store water out side

and then let the sun heat it and give you free hot water. We will have on here soon and installed to give

hot water through the summer months for free.


We also use the IBC tanks to store water in the garden for watering the tomatoes and potatoes and other

food we grow, as often the water is off when we need to water and on when we canít water.


UK electrical plugs and sockets and all electrical fittings as used in UK homes. I am wiring my house in 3 core

earth cable using UK sockets. We also bring over earth rods, as the BG electrical system has not earthing.

Again our house has this. We also bring over RCBís, as there are none in BG, only MCBís These are circuit

breakers or trip fuses as some know them.


We do your food shopping in the UK, if there are special things you need here in BG.


Cuprinol trade wood worm killer, the best in the world to rid your home of any kind of wood worm.  Remember

here in BG, unlike the UK we have death watch beetles. All homes suffer with this really big problem.


Shtil copy chainsaws, these are made in the same factory and production lines as the genuine models and with

the same parts They have a 52 CC engine with much power and will cut through most wood with little problems.

It is the chainsaw you will see being used by many BG's. We use one and will show it in use, if anyone has questions.

Like all machines, if you look after it correctly, it will last you for many years.


We will also point out, to repair a genuine machine will cost you in most cases more than the original cost of

the saw. I have a genuine Husqvarna and to repair it will cost me as much as a new one to buy. So there is

little point in repairing a chainsaw. So it works out financially better to buy a new one once a big repairs are needed.

This to us seems to be a better option, to buy one of these saws.


Demonstrations and other services;

It is our intention to use our home as a show home for anyone wanting to see the things we bring over and

installed as well as being used. If you want to see some of these items before you decide to buy, you can.


We have already brought over things, as diverse as 70 kg of cat litter, a butchers table, clothes, plants from the

UK. A swimming pool, a Dustcart


We have a printer and sign maker that is very good on prices. He prints books for the BG market and his work is

very good, so we are looking at finding people in the UK who write books and want to get them printed at much

lower costs than in the UK.


We are always on the look out here in BG for people who offer services and products than can be used in the

UK, as we all know it is much cheaper here to get things done.


I have to point out, there is a cost and to buy these in the UK is cheaper, but it does cost a lot of money to

transport things 2000 miles. But as we all know any UK products we buy here are much dearer than in the UK.

That is a sad fact of life, if we want imported products in BG. The bigger the loads I can bring over the cheaper

each item becomes to import. If I bring over small loads it does become expensive.


Mostly for the moment there is little going out from BG, although there is much here available that would be of

interest in the UK. But it takes time to build up a market and any business like this is a slow thing to make

good. It would be better if there were loads going to the UK, this would help bring the cost of transport down



At the moment, one trip cost at least 1000 pounds at the cheapest. That is to fly to the UK and drive back.

There is no fixed charge as everything is different, but we will be happy to quote you for your goods to be transported either way.

It takes 1 week from leaving BG to getting back here.


We are looking at doing one trip a month, but would love to be doing one a week. It is our intention to be doing

this as soon as it is practically possible.


As and when there are new items and new services to offer we will update this site to reflect the new offers we

have. But for the moment it is limited, as with anything new.


It is our intention to offer, a much as possible complete service as we can.

We offer;

A metal wielding service. This is in mild steel and in stainless steel. Any fabrication, to a Uk standard of wielding.

As well as a small engineering workshop with a lathe and pillar drill.

We have various tools and tooling to be able to undertake a wide variety of work.


Consultation on mains electrical installations in BG. We will do rewiring, if required.


We act as agents for the local Bulgarians in trying to sell their houses for them at fair prices and not inflated as

REAĒS try to sell them.


It is our intention to try and offer a complete service and give everyone the best we can. If you need anything,

ask us and see, you just might be surprised at what we do.


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