Our house is 600 metres to the main Sofia-Varna road on the edge of the village. Kesarevo is 32k from Veliko Tarnovo on the Varna side of VT. Our house is placed on the second access road at the Balkansi Junction


Asking price: 42,000.00 leva

(16,595.00 GBP) at exchange rate on 15-01-15

21,400 euros at exchange rate 15-01-15.



Exchange rate has now risen and is good, so had to modify prices,


we want 42,000 leva, as we need this to move on. Much happy for those


who have read the GBP price. I have not modified the exchange rate for


months, but had to, to reflect the climb in GBP to BGN rates.



We have for sale our house in Kesarevo.† It is partially renovated with no expense spared. It has 3 bedrooms, a lounge, A big

kitchen, 1 very large cellar that we were going to convert to our private lounge. A smaller cellar I used as a tool room. At the back an

unfinished extension, consisting of† 3 rooms and a toilet room. 1 of these was going to be the bathroom/shower room. It was there

when I bought the place but so bad I had it demolished and rebuilt. This only needs the inside done to finish it off. It is insulated on

the outside and sealed with proper sealant and grout, with bounding mesh as well. This is 50mm thick HD polystyrene insulation, I

planed to insulate the inside with 25mm insulation as well as the floors.


The house has triple glazing throughout, including the doors, it is UPVC glazing and cost me over 8400 leva in 2007. This includes 7

doors. It has Pilkington K glass on the inside.


The house is rewired to UK spec, with UK plugs and sockets. It has a proper earth and copper 1 metre rod in the ground. The wiring

is 3 core BG cable. To the correct sizes ie. 2.5 for the ring mains and 1.5 for the lighting circuits. It has a 60 amp RCD breaker, I

brought over from the UK as well as an MCB fuse board, The consumer unit is divide up into 2 lines with a 40 amp main breaker on

each line, for safety. The house has been wired for an automatic operation backup generator. This will be left in for the right price.

But removed if the buyer† does not want to pay the extra for it. There are more power sockets than most people would consider

having. 5 in the lounge.


The loft for the moment has Bulgarian insulation, ie mud, we planed to remove this and put in fireproof HD polystyrene granules. We

were going to make the loft our master bedroom, with built in shower and toilet. I spent much time planning it all.


The house has new gutters and down pipes all the way round it. The house has been fitted with blinds for every window. There are

many extras that can be sold with the house, but a price will have to be agreed for this to happen. Other wise Iíll remove them, for a

basic selling price. Is the choice of the buyer.


I have done much work on this house and spent much money, I have installed a septic tank, 2 soil pipes, both 4 inch. Concrete slabs

at the front of the house for a drive in and parking, so as not to get covered in mud in the winter. I have put in a Ĺ inch plastic water

main, part way, this needs to be finished.


The house is warm in the winter and cool in the summer as it has 2 air con units. It is a great bargain in a wonderful village, with

fantastic mountain walks close by and a beautiful swimming area just up river. A very relaxing and beautiful village with many

places to go to relax if you want to go out somewhere.


The reason for us selling is we are moving to a larger house. We have a much bigger house waiting for us. Our new house fits our

dreams perfectly. It will also make running the business easier.† We need to have 5 bedrooms, as we will be 6 people.


Kesarevo is one of the better villages to live in and I have been here for 4 years. The police chief is a friend as is the mayor or kamet.†

I have many friends in the village, but need the bigger house, as we will have 4 girls living with us soon as well. So need more

bedrooms and space as well as an office for the business. Our garden is 860 sq mtrs.


The power cable from the meter, on the pole outside to the house, is also† mine and I put in 16mm sq twin core double insulated

cable. As I was fed up with waiting for Eon to do something. When they checked it they were impressed and said they would never

have done it as good as I did. The earth cable is 6mm and is proper green and yellow UK cable.


The kitchen has all the units here, just not all fitted, as there is work to do there as well. There is also all the work tops as well, to

give a fully fitted kitchen over 3 walls. There are wall cupboards as well. And a clock fitted in the glass on the main wall cupboard.

There are corner units for the floor and wall cupboards. The cooker is gas and we will take it with us. Out side the back 1 of the

rooms was planed as a utility room for the wash machine and cleaning items.


I am asking a price which reflects what I have done and what is with the house. The house has cost me more than I am asking for it.


I am happy to answer any questions on this house or any others we are trying to sell for their owners. A 10% deposit would be

acceptable and for a period agreed by both of us. In the event of Buyer dropping out for any reason, the deposit would not be

refunded. If a buyer needs to set up a company, we can help them do this. We will give all

help needed and no agents would be involved, as we act as agents for the locals here anyway. This means there would be no

commission to pay. A saving of around 3000 plus leva. We have all the documents for the property, ready to sell. A visit to a notary

to leagalize the sale would have to be made, at the cost of the buyer as is normal here.


I am more than happy to help any buyer finish off the renovation, at their cost and will give my plans, drawings, locations

of electric cables, and pipes to them with all my ideas of how I planned to build and renovate. I will put this all down on

paper. There is still some work I will finsh, before I pass the house on, as I plan to be as fair as I can to the buyer and

for us the sellers. I am happy to help in anyway I can, the new owner finish off the house. We will be 15 minutes away

from this house so there will be no problems for travel for us. I will also pass† on the photos I have made of the work

I have done so far, which shows what and where everything is




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