As many Brits now buy cheap homes and land off Ebay, with little chance of seeing what they are buying and the scams around for

fake sellers. But take the risk as the cost is small. We have decided that as we live in Bulgaria and have been here for over 5 years,

we can offer a service unique to anyone.


We are a Bulgarian woman who speaks Bulgarian and English and an English man

Who speaks some Bulgarian and of course English.


Our service, is quite simple. For an average cost of  £50.00, we will go to the village of the house you are interested in. Aneta will

talk to the Bulgarians and find out all about the house, the village, how many people live there and any info on the village you as our

client want. I will photograph the house, village and anything else you want to see pictures of, then we come back to our home, I talk

with Aneta and write up her comments, upload the photos to the computer. Then write a detailed report, with my comments, Aneta’s

comments and the photos. On average about 50 photos. Then send to you the complete report.


It is an unbiased report as we have nothing to gain either way, so you get the truth from us. This is what you pay us for, so there is

little point in giving you information that is not true. We get paid either way, so you get total honesty from us.


As far as we know, there is no other people doing this service, we are unique, because we are both Bulgarian and English and that

gives us the chance to cover both sides. We live in the central Bulgaria, so we are in a suitable location to travel around the various

villages in this region. We will go farther a field, but the cost will be greater to do this.


We charge for the fuel to get there and back, plus for our time in the village, normally about 4 hours. Then working back in our base,

sorting out photos and writing up our report. Talking to each other about our views on the village in question. This takes about another

4 hours. We then email you our report and findings. We spend on average 1 day for 1 report, give or take an hour.


It can take us 2 or 3 hours in the village to find your house, normally 2 hours ish. Time to drive to the village and back, an hour or so.

Maybe 1 or 2 hours talking to villagers, then work back home to put everything together for you in a detailed report. This is an

average, as all are a little different.


We offer a service that will reduce the chances for you being scammed by the many people out to get your money. Scamming Brits on h

ouse and land is now a big thing, we reduce this, to almost nothing, with the service we offer. We are on site as it were, and easy for

us to go and see if that property you are looking at is real or not. We have found several properties, advertised on Ebay, that are not

for sale in Bulgaria and not owned by the sellers. We have informed our clients of this and leave the rest for them to sort out. If there I

s a court case, we will work for our clients to get the info direct from the village as evidence. Then email it back for you to give your



But the best way, is to find out before you pay any money, then to save on the cost of a lengthy court battle. All our details about us

are in the open for you to see. We will do all you ask, or as much as we can for you and give you our answers in a well detailed report.

We also put any scamming we find on a Forum about Fraud in Bulgaria. For the world to see. We will name anyone we find doing this,

to save others coming behind.


In offering this service, we hope to help eradicate the problems of scammers in Bulgaria and earn us a living in the process. Bulgaria

is a wonderful country to live in and will be even better as the years go on. Life here is better than in the UK, for many. But it does

need people like us to help clean up the bad that goes on. This is just one small service to help do that.


We wish you as much happiness as we have, living in your new home. We work on the various forums to help Brits coming to live in

Bulgaria. We can in most instances, get back to you next evening time with your photos and detailed report. Plus any other information

you may require us to get for you. We do not want to see people ripped of by scammers and the like.

We also want to bring back the good name of Bulgaria and it’s people. Only a few make it bad for all the rest, Bulgaria is a beautiful

country and one that is so wonderful to live in. So call us or email us and we will see if we can help you with your prospective

purchase. We can also help you set up a ltd company, if you feel you need the help. Many house sellers charge exorbitant rates to

do this and it is not necessary for it to be that much in costs.


Best wishes from,

Aneta and Tony


If you decide to drive to Bulgaria, when you come here. We also  supply a route plan of 12 pages for you to drive here. We charge 10 GB pounds

for this. We have in the past sent out many for free. But now we have to charge for this service as we have had so much flack from doing it, as

well as may insults from jealous people over us doing it. We have given out over 2000 copies of this and we do have a good name for it.

We are now on Version 8, which will soon be version 9 as We have to update some new info on it. It has taken us much work to complete

this, it will save you much time and many wasted ours getting lost on the run over.


We can and are very happy to do so, offer you many services, that others have not even considered. If you ask for our help, if we can

do it, we will. We know from doing it the hard way, how tough it can be sometimes getting everything sorted for moving to BG.

As well as when you get here. So ask us and you may be surprised at what we will do, to help you settle in your new home.

Bulgarian Property Service For Help in purchase of a Bulgarian House and land.

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Here is a copy of the notary deed for our house in Korsarka, This is a genuine copy, it shows how much I paid for the property and my company name in cyrilic text. It is the same name as on this website on the front page. So you can see we do own it. A notary deed must have official stamps on them to be valid. If not, is not a real document.  The other picture, is a copy of a genuine Skitsa, which proves who owns the property and it’s legal details. Any owner selling their property has to have one of these to sell it. It is not possible to sell a BG property with out one. A genuine Skitsa must have stamps on it. It will not be a scan of the village map, as some people show prospective buyers. This is the skitsa for our property in Korsarka and the deed you see here. These 2 documents have to be presented to the notary for a purchase to proceed. Any genuine seller will be happy to produce a copy of title owner ship, to the respective buyer. If none are shown, for any reason, the seller is doubtful, probably not genuine. Any buyer will get these on completion of purchase. It is the only proof you will have of your ownership of your property. This shows we are legal owners of Korsarka House, for sale on this website. We work to prove who is genuine and who is a scammer.


Please note; We will not start work, till we receive your payment into our bank account. We have made this mistake, and worked on

the promise that funds were paid to us, for us to find out, they were not. It is a known fact that bank transfers can take 3 days to

complete. So we will not start work for up to 3 days, as soon as payments are clear, we will proceed with your instructions.


We have done up to 3 days work for many clients, only to be scammed in the process. Sadly scamming is everywhere, prospective

buyers as well as sellers. It is not a nice thing to be told by your client, the money has been sent, do the work for your client and

then find out it is all a lie. And there is no money. This is Fraud in anyones book. To obtain services, by deception is illegal in Most


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