Second user Truck parts,

from English Truck parts Supplier;

The prices quoted are ex-works Bulgaria, cost of delivery to purchasers is extra. All items can be collected if required by customer. Stocks change quite often, so new items can be added on a daily basis. The parts are being offered for sale in the UK as well as by us, so can be sold in the UK, before we have the chance to sell them. On this basis, it is better to call us first to see what is on the latest list of items for sale.

We will up date as soon as we get new info and data.

All items ordered, have to have a 50% non returnable deposit paid with order. No items will be imported without a deposit paid first. Due to too many clients not buying ordered items when they arrive in Bulgaria. Prices quoted are ex our depot in Kesarevo and any clients who want their item delivered will have to pay a delivery cost as an extra.

Items should be in Bulgaria on average 10 days after being ordered. Sometimes sooner, sometimes a little later. We will advise on delivery at time of order of part.

All items will be checked before shipping.  These are second user parts and will be checked as best as possible. We act as importers and sellers for these items. These items are not new and are sold, as is normal practice in Bulgaria.

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All British and European makes including Mercedes Benz, MAN, Scania,

Volvo, Iveco, Leyland, DAF, Bedford and Ford.

We understand most parts will be available. But we can call the UK to find out, if you have a specific item you require.



Goods are thoroughly checked and tested so you know that they are good.



Engines are offered tested and in secondhand running condition, or turning, depending on your needs.



Engines are complete with all accessories from fan to flywheel.



General Spares are offered checked in good second-hand condition


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                                            Many different trucks are available, depending on your requirements. All are working                                            

                                            and we will drive these to Bulgaria by road. So you can be assured they come in road                                            

                                            worthy condition, ready for you to use as soon as you have them in your possession.                                            


                                            But they come in second user condition, so are not new and will have some wear and                                            

                                            tear with them. In most case, we will get photos of the vehicle you are after, so you                                                    

                                            can see their condition, before you buy. We will supply you with a specification list of


                                    the truck at the same time.